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18 Surprising Cork Yoga Mat Benefits

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There are quite a few compelling reasons for using cork in your yoga practice. This article explores what these reasons are and why cork is such a perfect fit for your yoga lifestyle.

The particular properties of cork are—

  • thermic,
  • acoustic,
  • high resistance to abrasion,
  • non-toxicity,
  • hypoallergenicity,
  • elasticity,
  • compressibility,
  • viscoelasticity,
  • non-permeability to gases and liquids,
  • recyclability and biodegradability

best luxury cork yoga mat

have been used and worked in a plethora of diverse and almost unlimited applications. In fact, cork has been used for different added-value products:

  • stoppers for wine;
  • clothes;
  • furniture;
  • coating;
  • interior components for buses,
  • trains,
  • airplanes;
  • building bridges and motorways;
  • absorbents for oils,
  • hydrocarbons or organic solvents;
  • in hockey balls,
  • golf balls and baseballs;
  • shuttlecocks;
  • table-tennis rackets;
  • dartboards,
  • kayaks and surfboards;
  • insulation for shoe soles;
  • fishing buoys;
  • tenements for bees and building material.

Being cork oak a tree with slow growth, it has a high capacity to regenerate and, for this reason, its commercial exploitation is sustainable. Source:

best cork yoga mats

Cork Yoga Mat Benefits

  1. Cork Is A Resource That Is Renewable: No trees are cut down for cork harvesting. Hand-harvested every 9 to 12 years. Each tree can produce cork for about 200 years.
  2. Cork Is Biodegradable: It’s recyclable & biodegradable. Production cork waste is reused and ground to make other cork products.
  3. Cork Uses Magical Ingredients: It’s anti-static, water-resistant, & resilient.  Suberin makes cork naturally resist dust, water and insects! Cork absorbs energy on impact and quickly regains its structure.
  4. Antimicrobial: Cork is highly antibacterial. One studied showed almost 100% bacterial reduction of Staphylococcus aureus, after 90 minutes of incubation. (a type of bacteria commonly found on the skin and hair as well as in the noses and throats of people and animals. These bacteria are present in up to 25 percent of healthy people and are even more common among those with skin, eye, nose, or throat infections.)
  5. No toxins or chemicals: No chemicals or PVCs that harm you or our planet. So-called eco-friendly TPE or other materials are plastic.

top cork yoga mat

Some other cork yoga mat benefits are:

  1. It has the perfect grip. The natural tree rubber securely grips the yoga mat on to the floor- say goodbye to injuries!
  2. It is anti-slip. The sweatier you get the more anti-slip the cork surface becomes. Now hold the asanas without the feeling of instability. This is because cork absorbs liquid, so the wetter the mat the better the grip.
  3. It has great cushioning for the joints. The high density of the natural tree rubber provides great cushioning for the joints and the cork surface feels really good on the body.
  4. It is extremely easy to clean! Cork itself is anti-bacterial, so we say just wipe it down with water after your practice.
  5. Cork’s anti-microbial properties resist smell, dew, and molds.
  6. The natural tree rubber used doesn’t have the odor you typically get from other rubbers. Say goodbye to smelly mats
  7. It is 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. The environment is not hurt! Cork is harvested without harming trees and grows back every few years. To make a PVC mat it causes pollution, then to degrade the mat it causes pollution.
  8. When you are breathing on your chemical mat, you actually inhale the chemicals, unlike a cork mat! Also as time goes on the chemicals from your chemical mat transfer onto your body.
  9. They have excellent durability!
  10. Only about 50% of the bark is removed at the time of harvesting.
  11. Cork surface is warm underfoot and insulates heat and cold.
  12. It repels small vermin & insects.
  13. It is ideal for people prone to allergic reactions.

A cork mat is not only kind to you and kind to the earth it also enhances your practice! As yogis, we care both about you and the earth! Lets live in a world that is Chemical Free!

Here is my recommendation of Best Cork Yoga Mat

Luxury Cork Yoga Mat

Product description (from the manufacturers)

Sliding is fun. Just not in yoga. That’s why we’ve engineered a slip-resistant yoga mat that uses a soft, sturdy, supportive layer of cork that can take all of the sweat and hot yoga you can throw at it. Created by the team of yoga instructors at Body By Yoga, this premium non-slip mat was made with love to be the best yoga mat on the market.

We’ve created a luxury mat that is larger, thicker, and more durable than ever before. Featuring extra thick padding with a cork layer that is over 6 times thicker than standard cork yoga mats, you’ll enjoy a smooth, rich surface that you’ll want to practice on everyday. So why is thicker so much better? Like everything else in yoga, the answer is all about balance. As yoga instructors we wanted to engineer a yoga mat that would provide a soft, stable surface for standing postures WHILE providing you with maximum cushion and comfort for sensitive joints.

But we didn’t stop there. We’ve also created an exclusive Perfect-Posture alignment system which comes with three free videos. Experience the precision of carefully crafted alignment lines on your mat. These guides will make sure you’re never doing a pose incorrectly again!

Body By Yoga produces Amazon’s Best Selling Yoga Videos. All purchases of our premium yoga mats come with free workouts from our best selling programs, our exclusive Perfect-Posture tutorials, a manufacturer’s warranty, and a 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee!

Propel your practice to the next level and discover how much deeper you can go in your workouts with a brand new luxury mat.

Some Features Of This Luxury Cork Yoga Mat Are:

  • PREMIUM PERFORMANCE – Created by yoga instructors
  • THICKER IS BETTER – 6.5mm Is nice and thick.
  • SLIP-RESISTANT – Sliding is fun. Just not in yoga.
  • FOREVER FLAT – Unrolls to a perfectly flat yoga mat every time

best luxury cork yoga mat

Here’s what Levi said about his purchase on Amazon reviews:

“This is EXACTLY what I’ve been searching for! I’ve wanted a cork mat for years but I’ve always hesitated. I could kick myself for waiting so long because this mat is GREAT! It helps that the mat is extra large because I’m a taller dude and my feet would always come off my other mats when I lay prone. That’s no longer a problem because I’ve got plenty of room. The thickness of this mat is another bonus because I need the extra cushion for my knees but this thickness doesn’t interfere with my balancing poses. If You sweat buckets, like I do, YOU WILL NOT SLIP!!! This mat is a welcome addition to my Body By Yoga collection. I’m glad I was able to get my hands on this mat…NO REGRETS!!!”

We highly recommend this cork yoga mat. We have tried a few and this one is the best by far!

Check out the reviews & price on Amazon Here


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