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5 Best Yoga Mats For Not Slipping – Number 3 Will Amaze You!

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The right yoga mat choice becomes more important once we decide to treat our practice more seriously.

Slipping and sliding on a yoga mat can be annoying and very distracting, not only to the practitioner, but to all involved in the session.

Here at, we have used a lot of mats in rotation, so we feel qualified to recommend mats that we feel benefit you in your yoga journey.

Here are our best recommendations for Non-Slippy Yoga mats

5 Best Yoga Mats For Grip

1. Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat: From $79


Jade is one of our favourite yoga mats, for many reasons. Jade mats are made from natural rubber that provides optimal grip, cushion and comfort for the user. The mats are suitably sized for the standard 68 inches person, but they also have a longer mat length of 74 inches, which is long enough for a 6 foot yogi.

A Jade mat doesn’t contain any PVC or toxic substances. And incredibly, Jade plant a tree for every mat sold. This is in partnership with Trees for the Future.

My own Jade mat will perform soundly under intense sweaty session, with minimal slippage for a good hour of hot yoga. After that, I use a towel to mop up additional moisture and carry on.


The first time you use your Jade mat, be prepared for a mild stinky rubbery smell, maybe for a few sessions even.

Because of the natural rubber material used in manufacturing, you may lose some grip if not cleaned regularly. This is due to the fact that they tend to absorb sweat and moisture into the cells which makes them slippery.

Washing with soap is recommended, but note that the mat will take at least 24 hours to dry.

See The Reviews And Price Here


The Manduka mat is a great solid feeling mat. It’s very slip resistant and very popular amongst hot yoga practisers. It has the ideal amount of padding for the wrists and knees and it’s considered a zero “waste mat”, with environmentally zero emissions manufacturing.

The PROlite mat offers lifetime guarantee which is obvious bonus.

The mat is easy to clean and air dries in 20 minutes. It’s also best served by regular use due to the texture and stickiness of the materials used to make it.


Even though the mat should be slip resistant, you can still get “slippage” if you haven’t “broken in” your mat.

Manduka suggest washing with sea salt and then leave to dry in the sun if possible.

The mat can be a bit heavy (5 lbs) so you may not want to walk with it to the gym if it’s very far!

3. IUGA Yoga Mat Non Slip : From $29.00


The beauty of this mat is that it is reversible, so you can use whichever surface suits you best.

The mat is made from natural rubber and has a polyurethane coating that absorbs in a way that sucks up the moisture. The rubber also provides excellent cushion for your joints.

It will remain non slip for the majority of a hot vinyasa session.

The Mat is also made with an antimicrobial additive that prevents mildew and mold. The standard length of the mat is 72 inches, so it provides a bit more length for the practitioner.

Another plus is the price. This is so budget it’s unbelievable at around $30, so even the beginner can try this one out!

Here is what Sarah said about her purchase:

“I absolutely love this mat! I am new to yoga and didn’t want to spend a fortune on something that I wasn’t sure of exactly my preferences yet. But I gotta tell ya, this thing is it. I’m a little on the heavy side and kept sliding on the ones that I was borrowing. I knew I wanted something with good cushion but not be a princess and the pea situation either. After several uses I can confidently say that slippage is minimal if not nonexistent. And the padding is superb. It’s soft enough to comfort, but also firm enough to feel when you’re not in the right position or have your weight incorrectly distributed. Which as a beginner I appreciate very much.”


The initial smell of the mat might shock you!

It’s quite a pungent rubbery smell that could well take several weeks to fade. Lululemon says to wash it with baking soda and water to speed up the process.

A darker mat is recommended as it may show sweat stains after a lot of use.

Check out the reviews and current price Here

4. Sacred Yoga Mat: From $97


This is described by the company as “The World’s Grippiest Yoga Mat”!

Not sure about that but it’s definitely one of them.  It also has many great features, such as very eco friendly, using 100% sustainable natural rubber and a unique central alignment system for easier balance and form.

Cleaning is easy and you can even have a longer version at 72 inches.

But it is the non slip aspect of this mat that really makes it stand out. It’s the only mat that’s absorbent enough to not have to use a towel at any stage and unless you produce a deluga of sweat, this mat will not slip and slide!

Here’s what one delighted buyer wrote:

I don’t typically write reviews, but I was pleasantly impressed by this beautiful eco-friendly mat!


Sometimes, you get what you pay for! Although this really is a great yoga mat, it’s also quite expensive, at around $100 at time of review. This may be unaffordable for some people, especially those just starting out in their yoga journey.

Check out the reviews and current price Here

5. Liforme Yoga Mat: From $149 


Liforme is one of our favourite yoga mats, for many reasons.

Liforme yoga mats are described as “The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat” and there is good reason why.

They are made using the most ‘body kind’ and eco-friendly materials and processes. These mats are PVC free, biodegradable in 1-5 years in normal landfill conditions and made using high quality non-toxic materials that keep the mat clean and hygienic.

Great grip! It benefits from the ground-breaking Liforme “GripForMe” material that gives unparalleled warrior-like grip whilst practising.  It even stays grippy when ‘sweaty-wet’, making it essential equipment for any Yogi.


Price is a concern again, but you do pay for the Eco-friendliness and the grip!

Some people complain about the mats “stickiness” but I feel maybe they haven’t followed the manufacturer’s instructions for “breaking in” the mat.

Check out the price and reviews Here

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