What To Wear Under Your Yoga Pants

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Today we have a very special video topic
which is what to wear underneath your
yoga pants I get asked this question all
the time
so I’ve had a lot of people asking me to
make a video about this but I got pushed
over the edge and decided to actually
make it when I got this email from a
person who I will let remain nameless
but she is awesome and hysterical she
wrote me I stumbled across your channel
on YouTube and I love what you do your
channel is a regular source of
inspiration for me thank you so much
guys if you want to support me in my
channel make sure to shop on my website
buy one of my online courses or buy yoga
blocks or any of the cool stuff I sell
on my site and she says PS on a
different note I was wondering if you
could give me your opinion on yoga
workout attire more specifically with
yoga pants underwear like most people I
hate panty line so I’ve been using a
thong when exercising it was a bit
uncomfortable at first but I’m slowly
getting used to it although I’ve been
having some issues such as yoga pants
that are too sheer and of course the
seemingly inevitable whale tale so she
goes on to tell me some funny hysterical
stories of yoga pant mishaps she’s had
so with all the questions and comments I
get about this but especially after this
email I just decided this topic needed
its own video what to wear under your
yoga pants is a pretty personal decision
so everyone is gonna have to make the
choice that’s best for them
that being said I’m happy to share my
own experience as well as give a couple
tips to you so to back this whole
conversation up and talk a little bit
about me and what I wear under my yoga
pants and how I practice is that I have
leggings and yoga pants that I primarily
wear for a home practice and then I have
yoga and leggings that I wear to teach
and work out in public in so I’d really
suggest dividing your leggings into
those two categories for example the
leggings and yoga pants that I workout
in at home are the ones that are usually
old have holes in them or see-through
and I didn’t realize it or are often
just cotton gap leggings because a lot
of the times I do a home practice and
it’s not that vigorous or sweaty so I
feel okay just wearing cotton leggings
and then on my other side I have my
public leggings that I wear to work out
in public in film in teach-in and I keep
those as pretty separate categories and
I would encourage you to do the same and
you can audition leggings to make sure
they’re not see-through or just check
yourself out in the mirror by practicing
with them at home and then once you’re
sure you’re comfortable with them take
them out into the real world I like to
preface this difference because when I’m
practicing at home I don’t care if I
have panty line so I just wear whatever
comfortable usually cotton normal
underwear meaning not a thong underwear
to practice at home because no one’s
watching similar to the person who wrote
in to me I also forgot my yoga pants and
my favorite song just to share with all
of you what it is to wear under my yoga
pants is Val AC song by Victoria’s
Secret I found the Lululemon thong
really didn’t work for me was super
uncomfortable I think a certain g-string
song could work okay but my pick for
song under my yoga pants is the lacy
which you can get at Victoria’s Secret
and it is so counterintuitive because
the lacy is a one size fits all song so
you’re just like how does that even work
why would this be comfortable why would
this be good it looks like it would be
kind of bulky and because it’s lacy not
feel good or be good under yoga pants
despite all these signals exteriorly
pointing to the fact that this song
wouldn’t be a good song for wearing
under yoga pants it is my number one
favorite by a landslide so I highly
encourage trying out the lacy thong
underneath your yoga pants
if you insist or want to wear underwear
under your yoga pants and not have the
panty line my advice would also be to
get the lacy thong in a nude color the
reality is that with nude you just run
way less risk of even if heaven forbid
it did show that someone’s going to
notice so I really liked wearing the
lacy thong underneath my yoga pants
because it allowed me to continually
have a lot of thongs that I was washing
but I wouldn’t wash my yoga pants as
often and less of course I took class
myself and it was drenched with sweat
but a lot of times I just teach or I go
to a class that doesn’t exercise me too
extreme in which case I really loved
wearing a thong because I could not wash
the yoga pants and wear it you know
maybe for one or two more classes and
just watch the thong instead so I really
liked that however I’ve been seeing more
recently that I just don’t want to wear
anything under my yoga pants and
honestly having made that leap I feel
really good about that decision greatest
which is a health and wellness website
you guys have seen me collaborate with a
lot did an article on whether it’s good
or not to wear a thong to workout and
I’ll put the link to that article below
but one of the reasons I stopped wearing
the thong was because after reading that
article one of the doctors in that
article said that if you wear a thong
when you work out the thong can kind of
slide forward and back because you’re
working out and moving and you know even
with yoga it’s like you’re lifting your
leg up and pulling it in and they were
saying that bacteria it’s not so good
because bacteria in the thong can kind
of spread front to back if the thong is
kind of moving and slipping around with
you so you can read the article on
greatest for all the nitty-gritty
details but after reading that it just
made me a little more wary of wearing a
thong to work out in the pros of wearing
nothing under my yoga pants is that I’m
not worried about panty lines actually
feel better and more confident because I
know that no underwear is gonna slip out
or something’s gonna go wrong the cons
are that you have to wash your yoga
pants way more often side note if you
have not watched my video on how to wash
your yoga pants absolutely do that after
this video because I show you the best
way to watch our yoga pants so they
don’t pill and get destroyed in the wash
now the person who emailed in asked
about whaletail i have people comment
and ask me all the time how do you you
know know which leggings are which are
the best leggings to not show sweat
especially and the groin and that area
so here a couple tips for you on that
so one this just may be me personally
but I find that leggings that are a
darker color like navy blue or black
it’s harder to see if you’re really
sweating through I also find darker
colors just slimming I know everyone
loves the bright leggings right now and
I do too I love to film in them but the
reality is when I
just want to feel confident as a teacher
or confident in the front of the room I
just really like to wear dark colors
like black and navy blue – you want to
buy leggings that are that wicking
material so if you’re shopping for yoga
leggings specifically most yoga leggings
are that wicking material because
they’re designed to absorb sweat and
they just dry faster what you want to
avoid is like cotton leggings because
with cotton the dampness is really going
to show through and it won’t dry quickly
and it’s heavy and then three and this
was my kind of secret bonus tip for you
guys is that I often go to dance class
as many of you know is cross-training
with my yoga and my running and in dance
class I sweat like a pig I mean the
class I go to is so hard there’s so much
cardio and jumping and choreography it’s
almost like a hip-hop class I am
drenched with sweat and so what I do is
I bought these little warmer knits
and I’ll put the link to where you can
get these right below this video and I
really love these because granted it
makes it a little hotter because I’m
wearing an extra layer around my seat
and groin but I think it looks really
cute one but two I really love it
because you can’t see how much I’m
sweating in the groin area because the
little warm up knit totally covers it up
give this video a thumbs up if you
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for you guys and from my heart to yours

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