is yoga during pregnancy safe?

Is Yoga during pregnancy safe?

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is yoga during pregnancy safe

In a word, Yes!

Here are some of the reason why doing Yoga during pregnancy is safe.

1. Breathing Exercises

Yoga during pregnancy sessions for pregnant women will have breathing exercises as standard. This helps to lower Blood pressure & reduce stress hormones. Calm Mom, Calm Baby!

2. Preparation For Labour

Using the breathing techniques during Yoga will greatly aid your Labour breathing techniques. This in turn will make for an easier Labour as you will have reduced stress and anxiety.

3. Balance

Balance is very important during pregnancy as baby grows within your body. The extra emphasis placed on balance & breathing, greatly aids your pregnancy

4. Stress

Stress is greatly reduced by doing Yoga during your pregnancy. The relaxation & breathing poses reduce stress levels of Cortisol. This in turn reduces your Blood Pressure giving you a win only Yoga session!

5. Increased Circulation

The gentle poses of Yoga will help to increase your Blood circulation giving much needed additional oxygen to your joints (burdened with the heavier weight) and Organs.

6. Meditation with your baby

It’s well known that a prenatal Yoga session focuses of the Baby’s wellbeing. Yoga will improve your connection with your baby with the help of Mindfulness and positive thinking!

7. Increased strength and durability

Yoga poses strengthen the weight loading joints such as hips, knees & back. Also helps to make them more durable

There are some important factors to take into account before & during your Yoga Session

  • Make sure you talk to your GP about your exercise plan
  • Make sure you tell your Yoga Instructor that you are pregnant
  • Be careful with deep back bends
  • Best not to try Hot Yoga (Fast steamy Yoga)
  • Avoid breath restriction and concentrate on deep full breaths
  • Avoid abdominal work that stretches the muscles too much
  • Listen carefully to your body- if you feel any discomfort – stop!
  • Avoid Asanas (poses) on your back as they may restrict blood flow to the uterus

Here are some safe Yoga poses for pregnancy

  • Cat-Cow
  • Cobra
  • Butterfly stretch
  • Side Angle Pose
  • Standing forward bend
  • Triangle pose with chair for modification

And best to avoid these Yoga poses during your pregnancy

  • Headstand

is yoga during pregnancy safe?

  • Handstand

is yoga during pregnancy safe?

  • Camel

is yoga during pregnancy safe?

  • Upward Bow

is yoga during pregnancy safe?

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