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Best Yoga Mats On sale For Beginners

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Best Yoga Mats On Sale For Beginners

Choosing your Best Yoga Mats is a very wind ranging subject and if your just starting out on your Yoga journey, we bet you have quite a few questions as to what sort of yoga mat you should buy?

Will it be long enough if I’m tall?

Will it be non slip?

Will it be Eco Friendly

Will it be portable?

Does it come with a Carrybag?

etc, etc.

Here at, we believe we have the best reviews of Yoga Mats anywhere as we use the mats ourselves before passing on the information to you. We review each Mat & Accessory so you don’t need to. And we only use Yoga Equipment from our number one safe and secure store- Amazon. We love Amazon, you can read all the reviews, buy with secure confidence, get your money back if any problems, it’s simply amazing. So, on with the reviews.

Best in Category “Extra Thick Yoga Mats” winner is……..

Yoga Cloud Ultra Thick 1 inch


Thickness  1in/25mm

Length 72 inches/183cm

Width 24 inches/61cm

This is a great mat to buy if your just getting started. at around $42 it’s a great buy for a beginner. It’s just so supportive. We found it perfect for our older joints (some of our team are in forties). When you actually kneel or stand on the mat it’s so comfortable after the hard floors of the gym. If you lie down on it I swear you will go to sleep, really really comfortable. In fact, I have actually used it to go to sleep on! 1 inch thickness is some 4 times the average Yoga Mat so very impressive!

It comes with it’s own carry strap, but it’s quite chucky if your meaning to travel with it. If you haven’t got a car probably not the best idea, but doable even so

Pros to buying this mat are:-

Extra Thickness means it’s cushions the joints against injury and improves the strength of the joints.

Extra length (6ft x 2 ft) means even the tall or wide can still comfortably use it.

Great reviews on Amazon, over 162 reviews and a very high rating.

Has non slip ridges and moisture resistant surfaces

Rolls up easily and fits in corner or cupboard no problem.

Cons to buying this mat are:-

Bit chunky if your walking or biking to the session

Not sure how long will last as made from foam rating is 9/10

Check out the price and reviews on Amazon here



Best In Category “Eco Friendly Yoga Mats” winner is………

Liforme Eco Friendly Yoga Mat!


Thickness 0.16 inch/4mm

Length 73 inch/185cm

Width 27 inch/69cm

If your looking for an Eco Friendly Yoga Mat that will last a lifetime, then this is the mat for you. The company Liforme really have a great track record with their eco friendliness. For example, they use only Naturally resourced sustainable rubber for the bulk of the mat. Then there’s their revolutionary heat process that eliminates the need for Toxic glues for bonding. And what about their PVC free approach so the Mat doesn’t carry any heavy metals such as Lead & Cadmium? Great Stuff for us and the environment.

Also uses a revolutionary system of alignment markings so you can align your body effortlessly in conjunction with the markings. It’s all very High Tech and very unique. We believe it’s certainly the coolest Yoga Mat on the market. If your serious about Yoga, you will need to buy this mat for the long term.

Pros to buying this mat are:-

Eco Friendly above and beyond the call of duty.

Longer and wider than most mats

Revalutionary “Gripforme” material for unparrelled grip with practising

Unique Alignment system

Comes with a Yoga Mat bag so easily portable

116 Amazing Amazon reviews with a very high review rating

Cons of buying this mat are:-

The price might put some folk off at around $150 so only for the Yogi amongst you! rating is 9/10

Check out the price and reviews here at Amazon

Best In Category ” Yoga Mats For Kids” winner is………

The Phresh Chi Yoga Mat with built in exercise game



This Phresh Chi Yoga Mat for kids as a built in Exercise game that kids will love. It comes with an easy to follow “How to” poster, and provides access to free online video and ipad app detailing each of the exercises so your kids will know what to do. At around $35, it really does provide fun for the whole family and many great reviews on Amazon are testament to that fact. We found the Mat to be a decent size and thickness for our kids and they all loved it. You can buy some game cards to go with it which helps understand everything, they cost about $20 also but they aren’t a necessity. The symbol system on the mat helps improve posture and alignment and therefore body confidence, essential for growing children.

Pros to buying this mat are:-

Built in Exercise Game

Decent 0.2 inch/5mm  Thickness

Kids will love it

Lab Tested 100% Eco Friendly, Non Toxic

Water resistant

Easy to clean

For kids aged 4 upwards

Easily rolled up for portability

26 Decent Amazon Reviews

Cons to buying this mat are:-

Card Game deck is recommended (But sold separately) rating is 9/10

Check out the price and reviews here at Amazon



Best In Category  “Yoga Mats Extra Long” winner is………

Pogamat Extra long & Extra Wide Yoga Mat 1/4in Thick


This Pogamat is fantastic! It’s 7 x 4ft size means it’s big enough for giants upto 7ft tall on their own, but also 2 smaller people’s can use it together as our picture shows. Ok, it’s a bit pricey at around $120 but it’s really 2 single mats rolled into one, and really does create that wow factor when unrolled before the watching class.

Apart from it’s unique size, the thickness and memory foam material reduces impact on the wrists, elbows, knees & ankles, so your favourite pose or exercise is done with a  real cushioning effect.

The mat is made from Non Toxic Synthetic materials. No Latex, No Toxins, No Flammables, No Silicone so very Eco Friendly. the bottom of the mat also has a grooved honeycomb anti slip pad that sticks to any surface.

Pros to buying this mat are:-

Very Eco Friendly- No Toxins or Phthalates

Unique 7ft x 4 ft size means 2 can use at same time or one giant!

Non Slip

Easy to roll up despite its size

260+ excellent customer reviews over at Amazon

Lifetime Warranty (with free replacement)

Cons to buying this mat are:-

None so far rating is 9/10

Check out the price and reviews here at Amazon



Best In Category

“Yoga Mats Bag” winner is………

YogaAddict Mat Bag


Ok, I suppose strictly speaking it’s not really a bag, but here;s the thing, we have tried bags before and the ones where the mat is totally enclosed give us some problems. Sometimes a large mat won’t fit, even rolled up, sometimes after a sweat out, we could do with the mat getting some airing while we travel. Lots of little issues. But with this Yoga Mat Pack, all those issues are solved. Your mat fits no matter what the size, unless it’s a giant. You have compartments for Yoga Towels & Water Bottles & Yoga Blocks, etc etc!

It really has impressed us to such an extent that can’t see us going back to the old Yoga Bags at all! In Fact this Yoga Bag Pack gets the coveted 5 star customer rating on Amazon!!

Pros to buying this Yoga Mat Bag/Pack are:-

Great Quality Material

Strong Zips

Fit’s any size Yoga Mat

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Expandable front compartment to carry even more gear, towels etc

2 in 1 carry, shoulder or side

Over 700 excellent reviews-coveted 5 star customer rating at Amazon

Cons to buying this Yoga Mat Bag/Pack are:-

None rating is 10/10

Check out the current price & reviews at Amazon Here



Best In Category   ” Yoga Travel Mats” winner is………

Manduka eKO Superlite Travel Mat


Manduka is probably the leading player in the Yoga industry and with this Travel Mat from them, it’s not hard to see why. This Mat is quite large for a travel Mat being 68 x 24 x 1/16 in, but incredibly it folds up into a size less than an A5 paper. So it fits into any bag, whether travel bag or Shopping, gym bag, whatever. As it only weights 1lb you will hardly notice it’s weight at all. Very impressive Travel Mat indeed.

Manduka Mat’s are always Eco Friendly, and this one is no exception, being made from non Amazon harvested natural tree rubber. It has no PVC, toxic plastizers or harmful dyes. It’s also 99% Latex free.

Surface texture offers superior grip even when light sweating and the closed cell design does not absorb bacteria.

Pros of buying this Travel Mat are:-

Large enough when spread out 68 x 24 x 1/16 in

Smaller than an A5 paper when folded so fits in any travel bag or even purses!

Over 1600 excellent customer reviews on Amazon

Weighs about 1lb

Very Eco Friendly

Great grip

Cons about buying this Travel Mat are:-

Quite thin as it’s for travelling so don’t expect too much cushioning rating is 9.5/10

Check out the price & Amazon reviews here


Best In Category “Yoga Meditation Cushion” winner is………

Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Cushion


If your serious about Yoga, then your going to want to Meditate at some point. It’s crucial for the inner peace and well-being that Yoga Promotes. This Yoga cushion by Peace Yoga is also ideal for all sorts of poses (Yoga positions) and we’ve even had people Head standing on it. So, it’s just as much at home as a Bolster cushion as it is a meditation cushion, and we’ve been using it as both for years.

Its very popular on Amazon also, with over 220 very positive reviews.

The core of the cushion is made with Buck Wheat which gives it the right balance of firmness and pliability. The Cotton Cover is removable and machine washable. It as a full zip and grab handles for easy portability.

Pros on buying this meditation cushion are:-

Relieves stress to joints while you meditate

Available in a variety of vibrant designs

Machine Washable Cover

Buck Wheat core for firmness & pliability

Can be used as Meditation or Bolster Cushion

Easily Portable

Cons of buying this meditation cushion

None rating is 10/10

Check out the Price & Reviews at Amazon Here



Best In Category “Non Slip Yoga mat ” winner is………

Yoga Mats by Yoga Zeal


Hot Yoga is very popular at the moment and has been for a few years. it’s a r

vigorous form of Yoga that is performed in a studio heated to 105 degrees and has a humidity of 40%. As you can imagine, you do get very very sweaty. The Yoga Mat will be covered in Sweat and moisture, so you need a very good non slip mat indeed.

This Yoga Mat by Yoga Zeal fit’s the bill perfectly and is our number one choice for “Hot Yoga”. The reason being is that it’s an ingenious combination of a Yoga Mat and an “hot yoga mat towel” that as a sweat absorbing suede cloth top and a non slip anti rubber back. It creates the perfect combination for sweaty work outs.

There are beautifully printed designs also, such as the Blue Opal, Black Luna (the one in the picture) and Moon grip, each with their unique non run print design. Its by no means cheap at around $79 but if you are thinking of doing any hot yoga, this is a must for you!

Pros of buying this Non Slip Hot Yoga Mat

Non Slip Rubber

Absorbent towel

Lightweight & Flexible

Ideal for sweaty Yoga like Bikram, Hot Yoga, Pilates & general exercise

Extra cushion, Stability and great grip

Great Printed designs

112 Amazon customer reviews revealing a 4.5 start rating

Cons for buying this Non Slip Yoga Mat

None rating is 10/10

Check out the price & reviews at Amazon here



Best In Category “Yoga mats & Accessories ” winner is………

This 6 piece Yoga Set by Sivan



If your still undecided as to what you need you could simply but this 6 piece Yoga Set from Sivan. It has all you need to start your Yoga journey.

1 x 1/2 inch Yoga Mat 71 in x 24 in

2 Yoga Blocks

1 Yoga Hand Towel 30 x 20

1 Yoga Mat Towel 68 x 24

1 Yoga Strap

The Mat is made with specially designed memory foam with a ribbed non slip surface one side and a smooth surface on the other. And an integral carry strap.

The Towels are designed with micro technology to absorb sweat and moisture to ensure a non slip session

Blocks provide support & balance, and the strap helps you better extend your body during poses.

All in all, a great little combo set!

Pros of buying this Sivan 6 piece Yoga Set are:-

Everything you need all together (apart from a Yoga Bag)

Yoga Mat 1/2 inch Thick so great for cushioning your joints

Blocks to provide balance

Strap for extending body during poses

Towels for sweat/moisture absorption and slip free work out

over 990 Great customer reviews on Amazon

Cons of buying this Sivan 6 piece Yoga Set are:-

The only thing missing is a Yoga Bag (Arrgghhhh) Still a great set though! rating is 9/10 (Just because of the Yoga Bag)

Check out Amazon price and Reviews Here 



Best In Category “Yoga mats Acupressure” winner is………

Prosource Acupressure Mat & Pillow



This is one of our favourite mats as it’s a little bit quirky. We totally believe in Acupuncture and have heard many good things about it. I have even bought one of these myself as I do suffer from a bad back. This mat really helps with that. Obviously we can’t add medical advice on this blog and you should seek advice from your own practitioners but I can only talk from personal experience. If you have any Back pain, Arthritis in Joints, muscular pain anywhere, this really can help. It works by using a “bed of needles” as a pressure point so when you place whatever part of your body on it, you get a massage from the mat. It does feel kinda weird but nice at the same time. It helps improve energy & circulation, relieve tension & stress, and naturally relieve pain!

Pros of buying this Prosource Acupressure mat are:-

Increased Energy & Circulation

Reduces Pain

Relaxation & Stress Releif

6,210 AcuPressure points to massage you

Full Support, even includes a pillow

1,305 Amazing Amazon customer reviews

Amazing price at around $20

Use daily for 20/30 mins

Cons for buying this Prosource Acupressure mat are:-

None rating is 10/10

Check out price & reviews here on Amazon



Best In Category “Cheap Yoga Mats” winner is………

Node Fitness Extra Thick With Carry Strap Yoga Mat



Now this Mat is strictly for those on a tight budget. It’s certainly not the greatest mat we’ve ever tried but for around $17 it’s certainly the cheapest. It’s ideal for those just starting out, who don’t want to spend a fortune on something the may or may not ever use again. It’s 1/2 inch thick so not too bad for the old knees and joints. Rollable so easily portable and generally a good little all round mat.

It’s eco friendly being Phthalates Free with 4 color schemes and non slip design. Got over 1750 customer reviews on Amazon most of which are very complimentary. There are a few negative reviews, but for under $20, what do they expect? We haven’t had any problems with the mat at all so definitely recommend as a cheaper alternative!

Pros to buying this Node Yoga Mat are:-

High Performance Non Slip Design

Dimensions 72 in x 24 in x 1/2 in (183 x 61 cm x 12mm)

SGS tested for Phthalates Free

Nice range of Colors

Comes with Carrystrap

Great Value for the price (under $20)

Great Mat for beginners

Cons to buying this Node Yoga Mat are:-

It’s quite thick, so may not fit into an old yoga mat bag rating is 9/10 (But great for the price)

Check out the Amazon price and reviews Here



Best In Category “Yoga Mat Cleaner” winner is………

Asutra 100% Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner



We’ve always thought it important to practice what we preach, so when we were looking for a Yoga Mat Cleaner, we had to find one that was Natural & Organic. This Asutra Yoga Mat Cleaner is both of those and more! It even provides it’s own Microfiber towel. It smells fresh with no lingering odour and does a great job on the sweatiest & dirtiest of mats.  No toxic chemicals. No Bleach, no alcohol, all very safe and natural.

Definitely the one to buy in addition to your Yoga Mat.

Pros of buying this Yoga Mat Cleaner are:-

100% Natural & Organic

No Toxins, Chemicals, Alcohol

No sticky or slimy residue

Comes with Free microfibre towel

Purifies your mat naturally

Smells fresh & clean

No lingering odour

Over 6,000 great customer reviews on Amazon

Cons of buying this Yoga Mat cleaner are:-

None so far rating is 10/10

Check out the price & reviews on Amazon Here



Best In Category “Yoga Mat Towel” winner is………

Yoga Towel by IUGA



If you have decided on your Yoga Mat, the last piece of the jigsaw is you will definitely need a yoga towel, especially if you have decided on a “Hot Yoga” session. We recommend this Yoga Towel by IUGA. It’s a 2 piece set consisting of one Extra Thick “Hot Yoga” Towel 76 x 26 in, but it’s 30% Thicker than most other towels. There’s also a smaller hand towel to complete the set. It has a neat corner pocket design so the towel hooks under your mat and doesn’t move about, thus avoiding distractions through your workout. Microfiber & non slip towel material adds to the feel of quality you won’t believe for a towel combo set under $20. We love it and think you will too!

Pros of buying this Yoga Towel are:-

Extra Thick Large towel dimensions 72 x 24 in / 181 x 61 cm

Small hand towel

Corner Pocket design, hooks under your mat

Machine Washable

Lifetime Guarantee

Premium non slip material 100% microfiber

Cons to buying this Yoga Towel are:-

None rating is 10/10

Check out the Amazon price & reviews Here


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