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4 Best Yoga Mat Carriers Straps & Bags

Yoga Mat Carriers Straps & Bags

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Welcome to the 10 Best Yoga Mat Carriers & Accessories. We hope you enjoy our Blog and hopefully find what your looking for. Please note, we only use Amazon for all our products, for safety & security. Amazon gives our us and our customers peace of mind and that is paramount in our business. Amazon has amazing support and you can always check out their customer reviews before buying just as we do before buying and making our own reviews here.


1  Best Yoga Mat Carrier

Yoga Mat Bag by Yogi


This is our no 1 choice for Yoga Mat Carriers as it fits most Yoga Mat sizes and is multi-functional, so you can use if for other tasks like shopping or a beach bag. Your Yoga Mat simply slides into the snug fit carrier and off you go. No more messing about with zippers or buckles like other carriers.

It’s beautifully crafted and gender neutral with 2 pockets, one large for water bottles etc and one small for keys & phone.

It has over 220 customer reviews nearly all very positive and a coveted 4.5 star rating!

Pros of buying this Yoga Mat Carrier are:-

  • 30 x 13 in so fits most sizes of Mat
  • Easy Mat Access-no zips, buckles or buttons
  • Can be used for other tasks-shopping or beach
  • Beautifully crafted and gender neutral
  • Two Pockets-one large for water bottle etc, one for keys or phone
  • 80z Cotton canvas
  • Price around $24 so great value

Cons of buying this Yoga Mat Carrier are:-

  • Some larger Mats may be a tight fit or make the Mat harder to carry own review is 4.5/5 Excellent Yoga Mat Carrier at a great price

Check out the current Amazon price & reviews here


2. Cheapest Yoga Mat Carrier

Yoga Mat Carrier Tote Bag




If your a bit strapped for cash we recommend this very cheap but great value Yoga Mat Carrier from Closeout.

At under $5 this will suit anyone strapped for cash or maybe beginners who want to try before they get financially involved in Yoga. There are mixed customer reviews and only 3/5 stars rating but what can you expect for under $5. Our’s is still being used 6 months after buying so we haven’t had the few problems that others have had and as we say, for under $5 what can you expect really.

We like the water resistant material which is a bonus on its own. But it also has comfort padded shoulder pads and side sling, making it very comfortable to carry your Yoga Mat.

Pros of buying this Yoga Mat Carrier are:-

  • Cheap but great value at around $4
  • Water Resistant Material
  • Full length top zipper
  • Padded zipper side pocket
  • 4 Colors available
  • Plenty of room inside & outside 25 x 10 in
  • 158 Customer reviews, plenty of which very positive

Cons of buying this Yoga Mat Carrier

  • Customer reviews quite low over at Amazon (But no problems for us) own review 4/5- Great value at under $5

Check out the current price at Amazon Here


3. Best Yoga Mat Carrier Strap

Clever Yoga Mat Strap Sling


This Yoga Mat Strap is a great buy starting at around $6 rising to $15 depending on size. What we like is the customer service from a Family owned business which is second to none. We use this all the time for carrying our own Yoga Mats and were always amazed at how durable and easy to use it is. You can also use it as a Yoga Poses Strap so another benefit! It also has over 1800 Amazing customer reviews over at Amazon!

Also comes with a 100% guarantee, so if your not happy at anytime, you can return it and get your money back!

Pros of buying this Yoga Strap

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 100% Natural Cotton
  • Multi Functional-Use as a Yoga Mat Carry Strap or a Yoga Poses Strap
  • Great Value from $6 to $14 depending on size
  • Can use it on more than one Yoga Mat
  • Sits comfortably on your shoulders
  • Over 1800 Amazing customer reviews on Amazon

Cons of buying this Yoga Strap

  • None own review Rating 5/5 Great Value

Check out the Amazon Price and Reviews Here


4. Best Yoga Mat Bag

Brand Box Yoga Mat Multi Purpose




This is a great Yoga Mat Bag if you have many other items to carry with you. Maybe you have a Yoga Towel, a water bottle, Extra clothes, Keys etc etc. All of these can be easily packed into this great piece of Yoga Equipment, using expandable front compartments & pockets.

Soft yet durable, you can carry between shoulder and tote.

Pros of buying this Multi Purpose Yoga Mat Bag are:-

  • Lots of extra front compartments and pockets
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap
  • Special material flow to allow air to keep bag fresh and minimize odor
  • Fits most Mat sizes
  • Soft yet durable
  • 2 in 1 carry between shoulder and tote
  • Great Value at under $30
  • Over 100+ customer reviews and with a maximum rating

Cons of buying this Multi Purpose Yoga Mat Bag are:-

  • May not easily carry an extra long or extra thick Yoga Mat own review rating 4.5/5

Check out the reviews and current Amazon price Here


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