10 reasons vinyasa yoga is good for beginners

10 Reasons Vinyasa Yoga is good for beginners

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A quick guide to the different types of Yoga

  • Iyenga Yoga- Uses blocks, bricks & straps as part of the routine, purist & concise
  • Bikram Yoga- Fast & Hot, heated room of 105 degrees, lots of sweat
  • Hatha Yoga- slow popular, creates unity between body & mind
  • Hot Yoga- Much the same as Bikram-Hot & sweaty
  • Ashtanga- Very exact and probably not for beginners, purification of body & mind
  • Restorative Yoga- Peaceful but challenging poses
  • Vinyasa Yoga- Sometimes called “Flow Yoga” uses Breaths to movement often playing music

Vinyasa Yoga started in the 20th Century by Sri K Pattabhi in India. but as since expanded & evolved into many different varieties & styles.

With Vinyasa Yoga there are no strict rules. Poses can be varied unlike Ashtanga Yoga where there are strict formats to follow.

The word “Vinyasa” means movement with breath, so you can understand while people link the breathing & movement together. It’s a very fluid type of Yoga, with one pose transforming into the next in a fluid movement “The Flow” as it’s called. You may be seated and be asked to exhale arms up, then exhale arms down, repeating this for a few breaths. This is the “Flow”

10 reasons to start Vinyasa Yoga as a beginner


1.You Lose Weight


10 reasons Vinyasa Yoga is great for beginners

It is said that in a fast paced Vinyasa session, the average person can lose up to 450 calories. The body will be given a thorough cardio vascular work out which is good for the heart & mind. However, it is also going to help you lose weight. Using up all those calories will force your body to lose fat. You’ll then feel better, look better and want more of the same, so you rinse & repeat the process. In no time at all you will be 20lbs lighter!


2. Teaches you proper breathing techniques

10 reasons Vinyasa Yoga is good for beginners

During your Vinyasa sessions, you will be instructed on how to concentrate your breathing, during pretty much the whole session. Deep breathing relaxes the mind & body, lowering your stress rate and your blood pressure. It’s well documented that deep breathing can lower blood pressure by as much as 20%. So breathing is a very important part of the routine.


3. It lowers your blood pressure

Vinyasa Yoga lowering blood pressure

As previously described, the normal routine during Vinyasa Yoga sessions will be about “Flowing” movement, breathing as you move. The are 2 ways your heart will benefit from this. Firstly, by learning how to breath properly, your stress will reduce, which in turn lowers your blood pressure, allow more oxygenated blood to flow to & from your vital organs. Secondly, the actual workout improves cardio vascular performance, so you get 2 benefits from the same source. Your body will feel revitalized & so will your mind.


4. Detoxifies your body


detoxifying Vinyasa Yoga

As you breath & exercise your way through the Vinyasa Yoga session, you will eliminate toxins through your breath. You will breath in good air & breath our toxins. This will detoxify your body. You will feel less tired and more energetic, not only during the session, but for days after. Keep up the sessions and there’s no reason not to always feel refreshed and revitalized!


5. It’s good for your strength

Vinyasa Yoga strength training

Vinyasa Yoga is extremely beneficial for strength training. It uses resistance training in many of it’s posture, so sometimes you will be lifting your own body off the ground, or different parts of the body. This all helps improve core muscle strength. You will feel stronger and fitter during and after your session.


6. It’s good for Flexibility

Flexible Yoga

As you “Flow” through your session, the continuous movement stretches and warms your muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. This strengthens and increases your range of movement allowing you added flexibility. Plus, your flowing breaths helps release tension in your muscles preventing injuries, tears & pulls.


7. It can help you sleep better

Vinyasa sleep better yoga

Sleep deprivation is a major issue and about to get a whole lot worse. Scientists are saying that the onslaught of Cell phones & Tablets in our bedrooms are going to cause an epidemic of sleep related issue in the old & young alike. Not only does the “Blue light” from the products mess with our heads, the increased time watching the latest “you tube” video means less time to sleep.

By performing your Vinyasa routines you will make yourself tired enough for a good nights sleep. More and more of us are not getting the exercise our ancestors used to, so Yoga is a great way to aid our sleep patterns. The other major benefit of Yoga, is the peace of mind it will bring you. It’s hard to sleep when you are worrying about bills or family. What Vinyasa will teach you is how to think positively about issues you cannot control. How deep breathing will ease the mind and allow you to feel freshly rested to tackle the day problems!


8. It can prevent or reduce diabetes

say no to biabetes
say no to diabetes


Diabetes thrives on sedentary lifestyle including not exercising & eating too much fatty sugary foods & drinks. Not for every diabetic, but in general.

So there are many ways Vinyasa Yoga will help to either prevent Diabetes or to reduce it once you have it. Yoga is well known to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. It also aids insulin performance and lowes the risk of major organ complications. Add to that the fact that merely partaking in Yoga classes means you are committing to lower both your weight and your cholesterol, means a win win situation against the onset or reduction of Diabetes!


9. It relieves Stress

lowering stress


Yoga in general is well known for being a natural anti depressant. The breathing exercises taught, will reduce the stress and increase your ability to relax. The exercise routine will lower cholesterol & blood pressure, all of which helps the body lower it’s stress rate.


10. It’s great for beginners

Vinyasa Yoga beginners

Vinyasa Yoga is a great starting place for anyone considering taking up Yoga.

We have already discussed the health benefits that you will be rewarded with and yes, these do apply to most Yoga sessions. But with Vinyasa Yoga there is a special feel to it, something that we can’t explain in words, the “Flow” is something that you need to experience yourself, first hand at your local class.

You will always be welcomed. Your instructor will guide you all of the way, teaching you the poses and the breaths. Try it!




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