best yoga mat for heavy sweaters

Best Yoga Mat For Heavy Sweaters Revealed

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Yoga helps you relieve stress, can boost your mood, improve your health and well-being and make you feel more balanced inside and out.

Of course, you need accessories to enjoy your yoga experience and one of those accessories is a yoga mat. This can be a great experience or it can become a frustrating one depending on the “slippiness” of your yoga mat.

These mats can seriously damage your yoga health as one slip could actually change your life depending on where you were to land.

This is why we made this post, to hopefully help people avoid slipping on a sweaty mat and improve their yoga experience.

best yoga mats for heavy sweaters

A dedicated Yogi will know that choosing the right mat is a major challenge in their yoga life. While other people maybe worrying about finances and relationships, a person about to choose a yoga mat will sometimes only be thinking about that.

During my own sessions over the years, I have sometimes forgotten my own yoga mat and had to borrow one of the cheap, flimsy studio mat, and I can safely say, I was incredibly distracted.

My palms were sliding all over the mat at every pose and the whole experience was negative rather than the usual positive mind-clearing yoga I was used to.

When you know your hands are prone to sweating, or even your feet if you go barefooted, one of our top 5 non-slippy mats will be just what you need.

I also remember in my early yoga days, I purchased a yoga mat from Walmart. My Vinyasa session was a slip-sliding disaster, so I learned pretty early on that I needed a non-slippy mat ASAP, especially as I wanted to take my sessions more seriously.

All the mats we share with you are used at our own sessions but one of the students and having tried them all, I can confirm these are the best non-slippy mats on the market today. They do have different features so that’s why I am recommending more than one, but each is unique in their own way!

The Criteria For Choosing The Right Mat For Sweaty Hands And Intense Sweaty Sessions

hot yoga session

These are the important features that I look for when I choose a non-slippy yoga mat:

Which Material & Chemicals – Is your mat made with the latest eco-friendly materials using technologies that keep your mat dry, and increase in grip, even when wet?​

Weight – is the mat to heavy to lug around?

Stickiness (most important)– does the mat keep me from sliding around?​

Feel – do I prefer a smooth mat or a textured one?​

Durability – how long is this Matt going to last me ?

Thickness – do I want lots of cushioning to kneel on? Or less cushioning to stand on?​

Eco-friendly – this is important to me, since I like to protect the environment.​

Size – is the mat long enough for me to lie down on? If you’re tall, this will be important to you.​

Appearance – not be important to everyone, but when you’re spending  your hard-earned dollars on a mat, you might want it to be in your favorite color. Also, I find that darker colored yoga mats hide sweat stains better.​

Here are the 5 Best Yoga Mats For Heavy Sweaters

1. Best Yoga Mat For Heavy Sweaters

Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat By Yoga Outlet

One of our favourite yoga mats as it comes up trumps with nearly all of our criteria. It’s basically perspiration proof, whether you’re rushing around the gym in a hot yoga session, or sweating it out in a fast paced Vinyasa class, this mat does everything you ask of it.

You may still need to break the mat in of course, to get the full anti-slippage experience. You should try washing the mat in sea salt, then leaving it out to dry before your first use. You can see more at Manduka’s support page.

Check out the reviews and price on Amazon Here

2. Best Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands


The Reversible Yoga Mat By Iuga

The coating of this Iuga mat absorbs moisture in an instant, which makes it so ideal for sweaty yogis. It’s grippy AF, durable, and long-lasting, so it’s definitely worth the investment.

it also comes with a free carry strap so you won’t need to buy that accessory.

Speaking from personal experience, the only weird thing about this mat is that the rubber smell is quite strong and pungent when you first start using it, but that will fade after a week or so.

Here’s what Sarah Wally thought of her purchase on Amazon reviews

“I absolutely love this mat! I am new to yoga and didn’t want to spend a fortune on something that I wasn’t sure of exactly my preferences yet. But I gotta tell ya, this thing is it. I’m a little on the heavy side and kept sliding on the ones that I was borrowing. I knew I wanted something with good cushion but not be a princess and the pea situation either. After several uses I can confidently say that slippage is minimal if not nonexistent. And the padding is superb. It’s soft enough to comfort, but also firm enough to feel when you’re not in the right position or have your weight incorrectly distributed. Which as a beginner I appreciate very much.

I highly recommend this product.”

3. A Mat That Helps Sweaty Hands And The Environment


Jade Yoga Harmony Natural Rubber Yoga Mat By Yoga Outlet

One of my favourite yoga mats as it’s just so damn good! It also features many of our criteria and most importantly, it’s relatively non slip.

I can get pretty clamming hands during my sessions, and I can sometimes sweat bucket loads, so this mat can get slightly slippy on top, so I use a yoga towel just to mop up the sweat that can build up on the top of the mat.

By The Way, for every mat sold, Jade Yoga plants a tree!

Check out the amazing reviews and price on Amazon here


4. A Mat That Can Be Used Either Side

Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Grip Yoga Mat Extra Thick

Hugger Mugger is a great yoga mat brand and this mat was created with equal stickiness on each sides, so when one side is dirty, you can just flip that bad boy right over and use the other side.

The mat is made from sustainable, renewable materials so is very eco-friendly.

It’s slightly heavy but that means it won’t budge when you’re moving about on it!

Here’s what Jessica thinks of it over at Amazon

“After years of using a lulu mat, and constantly slipping, I looked for a different mat. I tried the manduka pro – I slipped on it AND it provided no cushion (which I was surprised by, as I tried the thickest version). A lot of research led me to this mat. It is truly the most amazing mat ever – I cannot believe I went so many years with a mat I slipped on! This mat has the ultimate “stick” factor AND provides cushion (I use my mat for plyometric work outs in addition to yoga). The ripple design is beautiful. My only wish was that it had the dimensions of the lulu or manduka mat (which are slightly bigger) – it’s just nice to have a little extra width in particular (I am average size at 5’6″). Anyways, I really can’t recommend it highly enough. THANK YOU HUGGER MUGGER!”

Check out all the reviews and price on Amazon Here

5. World’s Grippiest Mat (Acc to Manufacturers)

Sacred Yoga Mat By Sacred Yoga

Now, according to the manufacturers this is the “World’s Grippiest Mat”. Well, I don’t know about that. but it’s pretty good even under very sweaty circumstances, I can confirm that.

Here’s another reviewers opinion on Amazon

Check out the reviews and price on Amazon Here

I do hope you enjoyed my review of the best yoga mats for heavy sweaters.

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