Software For Personal Trainers

Software For Personal Trainers

Strength Metrix is software for personal trainers. Our program allows personal trainers to have access to a platform on which they can train their clients. Strength Metrix is a complete program that will give you, the personal trainer, and your clients all of the tools necessary to be successful.

We love health and fitness, so want to make it easier for you to help your clients reach the level of health and fitness that they have always wanted. Our passion for health and fitness have led us to create this program so that you can also fulfill your passion: training others and helping them change their lives.

What are the features of Strength Metrix?

Strength Metrix is a real-time workout app that will allow you to connect with your clients instantly. They will have instant access to the exercises you choose for them, and they will have the ability to see their workout schedules for the whole week and even the entire month.

We have over 400 exercise videos and a tab where you can add any exercise you want. We know every client is different and everyone has different needs, so the fact that you can customize workouts to different clients depending on their level of fitness and their goals is helpful and will help them make significant progress.

Strength Metrix also gives you and your client the ability to track their body composition and progress. This will always show you and your client how well they are responding to the workouts and will let you see if there is a change that you need to make so that progress can continue to happen. Seeing the progress that a client is making will serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for the client to maintain the workouts and finally reach their fitness goals.

Another great feature that we have on Strength Metrix is that we offer easy to read and to follow printouts of different workouts. This is helpful for the clients that prefer to use paper as their method of tracking a workout, or if they will be losing access to a device but still want to continue with their exercises. The printouts simply offer an alternative and more natural way to follow workouts.

How often should I use Strength Metrix as a client to gain results?

This is for the client and trainer to discuss and depends on the program the trainer thinks would be best for the client. It also depends on the level of fitness and what goals the client wants to achieve. Most people will benefit from exercising three to four times a week.

It is important not to overwork yourself, even if you are trying to gain results fast, because your muscles need to rest and will not be able to grow If they are continually being worked with no time for rest and recovery.

We hope you will enjoy our software for personal trainers. We hope it helps people start their health and fitness journey.

Software For Personal Trainers

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