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A Seattle rehab center will be the best place for you to create a new life and finally move in a direction that keeps you happy. Throw yourself headfirst into therapy by learning about the process of getting into rehab and understanding factors that will help you self-medicate your emotions and mental state with the provided treatments for substance use and co-occurring mental disorders.

Surrender your ego and embrace the roller coaster of emotions you will feel when you feel as you go through the recovery process. We want you to commit to getting yourself to the end, even when you are uncertain whether your mental state and emotions will be able to carry you through. Our professionals are here to help you achieve the same things that thousands of people have completed and are now moving onwards with their happy and productive lives.

How To Maximize Your Stay At Rehab For The Best Mental Health And Substance Use

Trust The Beginning At Co-Occurring Addiction Treatment Centers

The first and most common process of starting rehab is detoxing to get your body stable and prepare your mind to last through the rest of the process. Rehabs have different detox programs, and the one you get will depend on your addiction type.

Take advantage of small incentives like offers of cups of tea to help soothe the aches and relax your muscles. We have well-furnished accommodations with hot showers and well-maintained rooms for a pleasant stay, especially when you need a break from the stress of detoxing and intense therapy sessions. The bottom line is that the medical team will always stand by to ensure your body is on the right track toward recovery.

Practice Self-Care During Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

The rehab experience is about letting you immerse yourself into a completely different paradigm shift where you can sense your body’s senses and control your behavior against drug addiction.

Our take is that it takes a lot of work to shift your mind from its self-defeating state to a powerful state of mind where you can rely on the power inside you to carry you through the worst situations in life.

Take Advantage Of The Social Scene

The human brain is actively seeking human contact to stay Zen. Studies show that our brains quickly pick up imprints of other people’s habits and words, making us part of a pack that shares some of the same traits and mindsets.

Before rehab, you influenced your brain to accept drug use by listening, watching, or interacting with people who endorsed the habit. We have seen people get hooked back into drug abuse by associating with the same people they left behind when going to rehab.

Take advantage of the opportunity to make new friends and connect with people on the same frequency as yourself. We have plenty of opportunities for you quickly strike up conversations and then take things on from there without feeling too awkward. Attend all the group therapy sessions, individual coaching sessions, and peer counseling to connect with more people, and you will more than likely strike a meaningful conversation after the program and rehab.

Verify your insurance here and contact us to get started with consultation on the co-occurring disorder treatment programs.

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