Mental Health Treatment Orange County

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Mental Health Treatment Orange County

Mental health is a vital part of a child’s overall health because it affects their ability to succeed in society. On the post, the team at OC Teen Center will be answering some of the most commonly asked questions about children’s mental health in Orange County, California. 

Can I visit your facility before committing?

At OC Teen Center, we welcome all parents who wish to visit, explore our facility, and meet our treatment team. We recommend discussing the treatment program you are considering for your teen before committing. 

How many teens are in your program?

We serve many teens at a time. Our experience has taught us to keep teens in smaller groups for better results. This is one of the features that make our teen mental health treatment different from others.

Who will be providing treatment? 

At OC Teen Center, we have world-class professionals committed to treating young people. Our therapists are dedicated to accessing and treating the underlying issues rather than focusing on behaviors themselves.

How long is your teen treatment program?

At OC Teen Center, our program for teens and young adults can take several days, depending on how severe the problem. We believe one to two months is enough for most teens to achieve meaningful changes.

How will attending treatment affect my teen school?

At OC Teen Center, our mental health treatment program doesn’t affect your teen school. We offer Day Program in a range of treatment types to help your teen. Your child will continue their study with the help of our licensed on-site teacher. We also offer After School Program. This allows your child can attend a regular school schedule before coming to our center.

What types of diagnostic testing are conducted?

At OC Teen Center, we conduct Neuropsychological testing to know how your teen’s brain works. During testing, we will determine how your child’s brain affects their cognitive function. We’ll use the result of this test to treat any cognitive or mental disorders. 

Will my teen confidentiality be protected?

At OC Teen Center, we take confidentiality seriously. We never allow media or community meetings into the facility. We’ll never violate your teen confidentiality.

How can I help my teen cope with mental health issues?

As a parent, it’s normal and common to feel hopeless, helpless, or frustrated that you can’t solve your teen’s issue, but don’t give up! Your teen needs your help to overcome mental illness. Please don’t be too harsh on them and talk in the right way.

How can I get an answer to questions I don’t see here?

Please give us a call at 714-716-5044 if we haven’t answered your questions in this post. Our experienced staffs are available to answer any questions you might have.

Contact OC Teen Center For Mental Health Treatment Orange County

At OC Teen Center, our specialists are experienced in diagnosing and treating children and adolescents with a wide range of mental health issues. Please call us at 714-716-5044 or email us at if you are concerned that your teen is suffering from mental health issues.

Mental Health Treatment Orange County

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