Intensive Outpatient Center Los Angeles

Intensive Outpatient Center Los Angeles

Intensive Outpatient programs are a vital part of addiction treatment and recovery. They also play a crucial role in the management of conditions such as mental health disorders. This is why, at Trauma & Beyond, we have an intensive outpatient center in Los Angeles waiting to help you.

An intensive outpatient program is a treatment option that healthcare facilities use to treat disorders, addiction, or other dependencies that do not require 24/7 supervision. In other words, IOP allows the patient to maintain their normal day-to-day activities while getting the help they need. However, IOP services in Los Angeles are not ideal for all rehab patients.

In such cases, the patient may opt for other forms of treatment that will be more effective. Who, then, is intensive outpatient program treatment for? How do you know if you should choose IOP instead?

Who is the right candidate for IOP?

Patients who have the following characteristics are perfect candidates for our intensive outpatient center in Los Angeles.

People who have recently gone through detox and rehab

If you have just recently completed addiction rehab, IOP is a gradual step down from the inpatient setting. It allows you to slowly reintegrate into the real world while offering a safety net when you need help. In other words, this form of treatment will enable you to practice the skills you learned in rehab while still holding you accountable.

People who have mild cases of addiction

We may recommend an intensive outpatient program at our treatment center in Los Angeles if your addiction problem is mild. However, this is on the premise that such a patient has a safe and supportive home environment.

People who have a safe home environment

Generally, IOP services are only ideal for people who have a strong and supporting system at home. This includes family and loved ones who are full of support and encouragement. If your home exposes you to negative energy or drugs and substances, our inpatient services may be best for you.

People who have certain mental disorders

People suffering from trauma, PTSD, or other related mental disorders can also use our intensive outpatient center in Los Angeles. As long as you can still function at home and work, you may opt for IOP.

People who have other obligations and commitments

Some people may have individual commitments such as work and family, making extended periods of absence unrealistic. If you fall into this category, an intensive outpatient program treatment in Los Angeles is your best option. This way, you can maintain household responsibilities while receiving the treatment you require.

At Trauma & Beyond, we boast one of the world’s leading outpatient treatment programs. Furthermore, our intensive treatment center in Los Angeles is home to top experts in their various fields. Besides, our resources and treatment methods are cutting-edge and, more importantly, proven true.

Are you looking to get the help you need but can’t get away from home? Try our intensive treatment center in Los Angeles. We are a safe, nurturing, and healing community that can help you achieve improved health and wellness. Contact Trauma & Beyond to speak with an addiction treatment specialist or to verify your insurance: 818-651-0725.

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