Healing Herbs

Healing Herbs

There was a point in history when herbs were almost as valuable as gold, and people would sail across oceans to trade in herbal plants and medicine. Kingdoms raced one another to dominate the spice world and grow as much as possible on their land.

The original purpose of spices was always about its medicinal purpose, which meant that the trade was always destined to slow down as science developed modern healing solutions.

The knowledge of herbs and spices has traveled worldwide as people have migrated and integrated with many different cultures from their own. Medicinal herbs are not a new concept, and certain people have kept education in their family line for centuries or decades. The following guide will explain why a herbalist is always a good option when you are just getting started in the craft. Sarah Madsen is a skilled herbalist in many different alternative medicines and will know mesh well with your plan to develop a wellness plan that meets your needs.

Reasons To Choose Maui Herbalist As Your Guide In Herbalism

We Know The Medicinal And Spiritual Workings Of Herbs

Some herbs can be so potent that they will cause substantial harm if you overdose. We know the medical working of all these different herbs and know what amount will work well for your body and health goals.

An experienced herbalist will generally start you off with gentle solutions that restore balance and cause progressive healing for a long time. Using small and mild amounts of these herbs can support your entire body, spirit, and mind with the toolkit you need to continue with herbalism for a more extended period.

Working with Sarah comes with an added advantage because she is also an experienced energy worker and understands that the process of healing the body is not about punishing yourself for past choices but giving yourself enough love until you get back on track. You can trust that her herbal mix recommendations will not discourage you from continued use but instead slowly nudge you to embrace wellness and a long-term lifestyle shift.

Understanding Of Different Cultural Traditions

There are many different herbal practices based on different cultures around the world. Here are a few examples:

  • Indigenous Indian American
  • Ayurveda
  • Western herbal medicine
  • Naturopathy
  • Chinese medicine
  • Traditional Eastern European medicine
  • African herbalism

The most important practice for a herbalist is to keep each recipe within the cuisine of the culture. It would help if you remembered that ancient people spent a lot of time perfecting these instructions, so they have a solid reason to use specific measurements and ingredients. Sarah bases her practice on all these different educations and should be able to prescribe or teach you while preserving essential values of different herbalism cultures.

Maui Herbalist is a good choice for so many other reasons, including their knowledge of how to avoid contamination, sustainability of certain herbs, using dry or fresh herbs, and much more on common medicinal herbs.

Book a consultation session today to get started before you buy medicinal herbs.

Healing Herbs